In the 20th century one of the world’s greatest conducting schools developed in St. Petersburg. Many world-famous conductors, such as Neeme Järvi were educated there. The graduates of this school are foremost distinguished by a high standard of musicality and exquisite manual technique for communicating their ideas to the orchestra, as well as for knowledge of basics from the repertoire to bowing techniques and traditions.

In spite of his busy schedule, Neeme Järvi has found time every year since 2000 to teach young talents during the Oistrach Festival in Pärnu, Leigo and a special course with The Hague Philharmonic. To meet Neeme Järvi’s standards for working environment, inspiring nature etc, the masterclass operates as an individual organization – The Järvi Academy – since 2009. This also contributes to the expansion of the masterclass itself.

The yearly summer academy for conductors takes place in the summer resort of Pärnu but concerts at Leigo during the Leigo Music Days take part as well. As we know form the previous courses, Neeme Järvi teaches his students with the same inspiration and musical results as he approaches his orchestras, helping them create moving and inspirational music which leaps off the sheets of the score into the ears of symphony lovers around the world. Participating in the Järvi International Summer Academy for Conductors means getting to the core of music, conducting and pushing oneself to the highest professional levels. Many of Järvi’s students therefore return every year to participate in his masterclass and numerous new students find their way to becoming one, many of whom proceed to a professional conducting career.

Neeme Järvi, Paavo Järvi and Leonid Grin will be teaching the masterclasses of 2012! Concerts of the Academy take place during the Järvi International Summer Festival.

For more information about participating in the masterclasses


1. Application 2012

Conductors of both male and female sexes are invited to take part in the Järvi International Summer Academy for Conductors. Applications, including all requested documents, video and application fee, must be received by the masterclass office by 15th APRIL 2012! The applications must be accompanied by the following documents (in English):

1. Application form, filled out and signed (online or printout of the online application)
We prefer online registration, but if you send the form by mail, please write as subject „Application Summer”.

2. Copy of certificates of musical education mentioned in the application form.

3. DVD with recordings of max. 20 minutes of representative conducting sessions (both rehearsal and concert) AND a link to your video(s) on your website or YouTube.

DVD will be used during the jury meeting and played on large screen with quality sound system . Your internet links will be sent through to the teachers, who can’t be present during the jury meeting.

4. Three different recent photos in jpg-format (max 500MB per picture)

5. Photocopy of passport or ID-card (with translation if necessary)

6. The application fee of 50 Euro for EU residents or 40 Euro for not EU residents

7. A short biography of max. 300 words.

Please note that the documents will not be returned!

Incomplete applications or application received after 15th APRIL 2012, will not be taken into consideration!

Payment of the application fee must be in the masterclass bank account before 15th APRIL 2012!


Applicants are requested to answer all question concerning education and experience while filling out the application form (go here). Give short answers and give essential and recent information about conducting (other professions, experiences or instrumental careers, do not help your application).

click here for the APPLICATION FORM

Applications should be send to:

MTÜ La Nota, Rähni 11-1, Pärnu 80019, Estonia

2. Admission

Based on the applications submitted, 20 candidates will be selected by the jury to participate in the masterclasses as a full participant or a student participant. (Read more about the participation status in the next chapter.)

Applicants who are not selected can be invited to participate as passive participants and reserve. In case a selected participant cancels or fails to be present, a passive participant will be invited to participate as a full or a student participant.

The successful applicants, both full and student participants, will be invited and notified by 1st May 2012 per e-mail. They must confirm their participation by e-mail and pay the participation fee before 15th of May 2012. Without confirmation before this date, the applicant will be automatically excluded from participation. The vacant place(s) will be offered to candidate(s) selected as passive participant(s)!

Passive participants must confirm their participation by e-mail and pay the auditor fee before 1st of June 2012. In case of cancellations, before 1st of June a passive participant will receive an invitation to participate. Passive participants who do not confirm there participation in time, will lose their position on the reserve list after 1st of June (they’ll still be reserve, but confirmed passive participants will be favored in case a place opens) and can’t also apply for our low budget student accommodation later (due to our booking deadline).

Interested audience, musicians etc. can apply for being auditors during the masterclasses. Auditors are NOT placed on the reserve list, don’t conduct and don’t receive certificates, but they participate further under the same conditions as passive participants, including the possibility to stay in our low budget student accommodation and free access to all concerts of the festival, when confirming before 1st of June 2012.

3. Participation

To enhance the artistic level of the masterclass, the performance of all participating conductors will be assessed during the first rehearsal(s) with orchestra. A committee of the teachers (Neeme Järvi, Paavo Järvi and Leonid Grin), orchestra musicians and the management will select around 15 participants as full participants and around 5 as student participants.

Full participant

Full participants will participate in all activities of the masterclass, including conducting orchestra rehearsals (of Pärnu City Orchestra and the ÜENSO Symphony Orchestra), piano sessions and lectures. Before every concert teachers will select which participants will conduct during that concert. Every full participant gets a guaranteed minimum of 30 minutes in front of each orchestra (total minimum is 4×15 minutes). More conducting time, however, is available but teachers will decide to which full participants extra time will be assigned to. Additionally there will be concerts and general rehearsal to which full participants can be assigned to conduct (partly).

Student participant

Student participants will participate in all activities of the masterclass, including piano sessions, lectures, conducting the first rehearsal(s) with orchestra, conducting piano sessions and during the reserve time of the final rehearsals of the ÜENSO Symphony orchestra. The performance of the student participants during this summer will be seriously considered during their application next year (student participants receive a refund (discount) on their application fee. See chapter „Fees”).

Passive participant

All passive participants can take part and be present in all the masterclass activities, but do not have the right to conduct the orchestras. However they will replace a full or student participant, in case one cancels or fails to be present. Passive participants also participate and conduct during the sessions with piano’s.

Special talent program

5 to 8 participants will be selected to the special talent program enabling them to work with the ÜENSO chamber orchestra in its rehearsals and concert during the festival.

All Participants

All participants need to obtain their own scores, study and prepare them for the masterclass rehearsals and other sessions. The full repertoire and masterclass program can be found on the website, however changes are possible. Confirmed participants will be informed about the final repertoire and/or changes.

All participants and auditors are offered hotel accommodation in a twin bedroom (shared) with breakfast in Pärnu and Leigo during the Summer Academy for a special price (included in the fee).

The organizers reserve the right of radio and television broadcast. The participants are not entitled to demand any charge for the utilization of such recordings or broadcasting.

All participants and auditors have free access to all concerts of the Järvi Festival.

4. The Jury

Members of the jury are:

a. Neeme Järvi, Paavo Järvi and Leonid Grin

b. Tõnu Reimann, professor of violin at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

c. Arvo Leibur, concertmaster of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

d. Elar Kuiv, concertmaster of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

e. Toomas Kapten, professor at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

f. Jüri-Ruut Kangur, Principal Conductor of the Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra, artistic director of Järvi Summer Festival.

g. Lukas Groen, the Director General of the Järvi International Academy.

5. Fees

Applicants living within the EU economical area (Euro countries and some others) can pay the application fee per international bank transfer without costs (shared costs!). Applicants who are not living within the EU economical area, are advised to pay the application fee by Western Union, because of the high costs of an international bank transfer. Paying by credit card or PayPal are unfortunately not an option, due to the high costs. For further questions please contact us. Participants not living within the EU economical area need to make bank transfers with all costs to sender.

fee                                                    special conditions                             amount in euros      deadline of   payment

Application fee                    for EU-economical-area residents                   € 50,–                       APRIL 15th 2012

Application fee                    for NOT EU-economical-area residents         € 40,–                       APRIL 15th 2012

Full participant fee            including accommodation  and meals            € 2100,–                 MAY 15th 2012

Student participant fee    including accommodation  and meals            € 1200,–                 MAY 15th  2012

Passive participant/         including accommodation and meals             € 900,–                  JUNE 1st 2011
Auditor fee


Mendelssohn Symphony no.1

Haydn Symphony no.55

Haydn Symphony no.75

Saint-Saens La Muset et le Poete

Beethoven Symphony no.5

opera overtures


Use only and exactly these data for bank transfers. Only in the place for ‘message’ or ‘description’ you can mention “application/participation…etc” or you name, in case the payment is made from an account with another name.

Bank Account:

Account holder: Muusikaühing La Nota

address: Rähni 11-1, Pärnu 80019, Estonia

account no: 10220107207013

IBAN: EE181010220107207013

Bank name: SEB Pank

Bank address: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn 15010, Tallinn, Estonia

BIC (Swift) code: EEUHEE2X


A payment through Western Union need to be made directly to a person only, not to a company, so to:

Name: Lukas Sebastiaan Groen (director Järvi Academy)

Address: Rähni 11-1, Pärnu 80019, Estonia

Message /description: Mtü Järvi Festival, application etc…

After the payment send us by email the specific Western Union transaction number, your name and address exactly as you filled it on the form of Western Union (note that spelling mistakes can give trouble. Please check your data carefully).

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